Photo by All Bliss Photography

Photo by All Bliss Photography


Hello there.

My name is Breanna Ponzi Linn, sixth kid to a couple of New Yorkers who fled the cold to settle in rural North Carolina. Twenty six years (and counting) later finds me still in the South, as skeptical as ever of collard greens but quite infatuated with biscuits and still certain that everything tastes better with a little (or a lot) of parmiggiano reggiano cheese. I live in North Carolina with my patient husband and--if I can convince him-- our dog. 

My hope is that this space and my work would by a place for seeing--a place to take off the blinders of busy. I seek the visual naming of my gifts (and maybe yours too), to say a thanksgiving for the ordinary. Father’s kiss on son’s forehead, 90 year old light in the eyes of Great Aunt Rose, the wildly beautiful in the healing of scar tissue, bare feet of expectant mother. 

I look forward to helping you to name your own gifts, too.